7 Things I need from you before i can design your website.

7 Things News   •   July 27 , 2020

So you have made the decision that you need a website built and you have stumbled across this post. This should give you an insight into the main things that a designer is looking for before developing your website.

1 – Understanding your business

Although your business might be obvious to you, it is important that we find out more about your business and how it works, what are the differences between you are your competitors. We also want to understand your service and delivery process, so we can develop a site that works with you to make job easier.

2 – What do you want the site to do?

Having a website is great, but what specifically did you want the site to do. Is it a simple sales site, an online shop, an app page? Take online bookings/appointments?  Thinks of how the site can be used to help your business.

3 – Domain name? Hosting? Email Hosting?

Do you have a domain name already? Is your site currently hosted with someone? Did you have email addresses associated with your domain? Your designer should be able to handle these options for you if you haven’t so don’t stress.

4 – Page Structure

Your main pages would be the pages that would be linked in your main menu. This will give your designer the idea of how many pages they would need to design for you. A Generic structure is as per below:-

5 – Photos and Copy (words)

Once you have the basic structure sorted we will need the text and images for each page of the website.

With each page, think about the photos that you can add to hold people’s attention. Book a photographer if needed.
Tips for content creation.
  1. Web readers have short attention spans. Structure your content like an upside-down pyramid or cone. The most important messages go at the top of the page. Then, gradually drill down to the more specific, supporting information. End with tangential details.
  2. Write short, simple sentences
  3. Use active rather than passive verbs, Instead of saying “Products can be ordered on our website,” say “You can order products on our website.”
  4. Create content that could offer links to other creditable sources, linking other websites helps to build your google rankings as well.

6 – Collect Testimonials

The main reason for this is that people love to see that you are creditable. Having references from your clients holds a lot of weight in the mind of the buyer.  If you have worked with clients in the past make sure you have their testimonial.  Check google or facebook reviews, we can even use those.

7 – Provide 3 websites that you like

No, the designer is not going to copy these sites. But this allows the designer to design the look and feel that you like. The designer will compliment this design idea with what is best for your industry and brand in mind. As what you often like might not be suitable for your industry.

When choosing three websites, they don’t have to be from the same industry as yours.

Over to you… If you have any questions or want help to get your business on the web, then contact our web design service