Why you should use My Graphics Guy and not WIX for your website

7 Things News   •   July 9, 2019

So, you want a website and you see that you can build one online using WIX. It looks easy on the ads but what are the pitfalls. My Graphics Guy builds websites using WordPress and these are the 7 Things that you need to know about why WordPress is better than WIX.

 Firstly, what is WIX?

Wix is known for providing an easy to use website building platform using intuitive drag-and-drop tools. Users can also add additional functionality such as eCommerce, contact forms, email marketing, social plugins, and much more.

 What is WordPress?

WordPress.com is open source software, that’s powering 1/3 of all sites on the internet. WordPress has millions of features and add-ons.


  1. Host your own Website
    WordPress is a self-hosted platform, meaning you own the website and you choose who will host it for you. With Wix you must use one of their hosting company’s and if your website starts running slowly due to poor hosting, or if you want to transfer your website’s data to another domain later on then you will not be able to transfer the content from your site.
  2. It’s the Most Widely Used CMS Around (content management system)
    29% of the internet runs on WordPress, and its popularity means that there are countless resources and online communities dedicated to engaging with and building upon the platform. WordPress is open source which means that you have millions of developers creating new features and tools. Meanwhile, Wix only allows the use of tools and apps that are created by the Wix development team and integrated into their website builder.
  3. Better SEO Management (Search Engine Optimisation)
    There’s little benefit to building a website if nobody can find it, and search-engine optimisation (SEO) is another area where WordPress shines. WordPress is very SEO friendly, with multiple SEO features built into it off the bat. Of course, you will still need to make sure that you maintain good SEO practices across your website.
  4. Better Site performance
    WordPress writes better code when compared to WIX. Generally, WIX code is content heavy with script that is not needed when you are not using all the features available. With WordPress, you can limit the amount of script written by reducing some of the extra features that you are not using.
  5. Better customisation for E-Commerce
    When selling online, Wix offers a very good online sales tool, however, some of the features are limited in terms of shipping and payment which makes it a struggle if you want full customisation. With WordPress there are endless customisation options which overcomes any issues.
  6. Responsive Site?
    Firstly, a brief explanation as to what a responsive website is. Basically, it is the ability for image or text to resize depending on the device you are using to view the content. Example text would be larger on a phone device than a desktop. Wix doesn’t give this option as a standard feature. WordPress allows the designer to write CSS code to allow the website to respond to the device.
  7. More Features
    There is nothing you cannot do using WordPress. Because it allows the designer to add specific custom code it is more versatile and allows designers to integrate the features where and how they are required.

My summary, anyone can build a WIX website, but you would have to compromise on many things. It might look good, but does it look exactly as it was intended before you started. WordPress has more customisation and with a great WordPress developer, like My Graphics Guy, you can get the maximum benefit out of it.