To Ask Your Designer Before The Project Begins

7 Things News   •   June 2, 2019

You know that you need a graphic designer, but you are nervous as to what the designer is going to ask. Well, understanding these 7 Things and you will be on your way to starting your successful design project.


  1. Budget
    This one is important as it will determine the scale of the project. Graphic designers can charge an hourly rate or flat rate depending on the job. In terms of logo design this can vary greatly depending on the scale of the business. Obviously, a designer is going to charge a multi-national company like NIKE more to design a new logo than they are a small local plumbing business.
  2. Audience
    Now who is your audience. Male or Female? Younger or Older? This is crucial to a great design. If the designer understands the market as well as you do, then this allows them the best opportunity to create the perfect design. Example, if you are targeting seniors, then larger fonts (for easy reading) and simple classic styling. A younger audience will want to see bright colours, quick impact, and something that is going to hold their attention.
  3. Deadline
    When is your project required? Small jobs like brochures, flyers and small jobs, you could usually expect these to take a few days. However large-scale jobs like website, ecommerce sites and custom jobs can take from 3 weeks.
  4. Purpose
    What is the expected outcome? Giving the designer an understanding of what it is that you are trying to achieve will allow them to capitalize on a call to action. For some jobs this will allow the designer to illustrate an emotion or an idea.
  5. Medium
    How is the design being used? Print? What size? Website? Mobile App? Screen-printing? For each medium there are limitations in design. A good designer understands these and can adapt the design accordingly before starting. There is no use building a design that is going to look great on a A4 brochure, only to find out that it needs to be printed on a postcard.
  6. Colours
    Designers understand how colours affects a mood and tone, so it’s important to understand the research of color psychology. It is ok to have your favourite colour for your logo however it may not be the best choice for the message you are trying to send. You see examples of how colour impacts on design every day when you stop at a red stop sign. Can you imagine if the same sign was green?
  7. Style
    The style of the design will be clear once the audience and purpose are known. Is the designer to create something elegant, formal, whimsical, artsy or urban. This will help to reinforce the message.

Understanding the 7 Things before engaging your designer will help to ensure a successful and cost-effective project. By thinking through the outcomes and mediums can avoid costly revisions or a failed campaign.